More than a year ago, my Oldenburg X, Gstaad seemed to be having a problem. His regular vet was in the “let’s-wait-and-see-what-happens” mode but just as a mother “knows” that there’s something wrong with her child, sometimes a horse owner also “knows” when there’s a problem. So I called in another vet who mentioned the dreaded initials: EPM (equine protozoal myeloencehalitis). He took a blood sample that went out to the University of California. Results came back indicating that Gstaad not only had the disease but his chance of surviving were 50:50.

It took two rounds of Marquis and casino internet a daily dose of System Saver (he’s still on the System Saver) but I have my horse back…and he’s better than he’s ever been as my dressage partner and friend.

How did we find System Saver? Gstaad’s massage therapists, Karen Hana and her son Philip Samuels, both spoke highly of this great supplement that they not only used on their horses but they took the “people version” themselves. With very little to lose, I asked Karen to see if she could get a container for Gstaad (and later the pills for me). He started taking the supplement with the Marquis and to this day, he gets System Saver along with his food and an immune-boosting supplement, EPIC.

It was a slow process getting Gstaad to trust his hind end again but recently he’s gotten the message…and we’re going better than we have ever done before.

~ Beth Polozzo