My dog Simba was only 5 years old when he developed severe arthritis. The vet said he had bone rubbing on bone and that the cartilage was almost gone. I put Simba on medication and glucosamine. I tried this and everything else for the next 3 years and nothing seemed to work. I even tried going homeopathic but Simba kept getting worse. It got to the point where he could hardly go up or down stairs anymore. When we went for walks he walked so slowly. Gone were the days of long hikes; we were down to 30 minutes maximum. When we went to the dog park, he would just lie down beside me. It was really heartbreaking to watch as he used to be so active doing flyball, agility, Frisbee etc…

Finally, a few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about his condition and she suggested “System Saver”. She said her dog was doing really well on it and it had changed his life! So I ordered it. To be honest, I was very skeptical. Of course I always had hope (you have to…) but nothing had worked in the past so why would this?

A week later, I noticed that Simba was standing longer and he had a bit of a spring in his step. But I thought it might have been because there had been a few changes in our lives. We moved to a ground floor apartment and acquired another dog in the transition. Three weeks later, Simba is running after the Frisbee again, chasing the ball, going on long, long walks again. He even played with a few dogs at the dog park this afternoon. This is after a 2 hour walk this morning and another 2 hour walk this afternoon! He is getting back to his active self again. I am so happy beyond words! I owe this all to “System Saver”. I never would have thought that a natural supplement could do so much. I am so impressed that I ordered a 6 month supply in advance. I really hope that if a dog, animal or human is suffering from arthritis that it won’t take as long as it took me to discover this medication.

We love you System Saver! ~Joanna and Simba xo


My dog was recovering from a splenectomy when the lab results showed adenocarcinoma. His prognosis was poor back in Feb ‘09. I declined chemo and put Simba on System Saver. I am also treating homeopathically with Dr. Jeff Levy. Simba is still here and doing quite well for casino pokie machines a 14-year-old Collie. I also put my 8-year-old Lab mix, Boomer, on SS to see if it would help with his severe dry eye (he has several health issues). I’m trying to wean him off prednisone. My vets are very impressed with how both dogs are doing despite their serious medical issues. Boomer hasn’t had further seizuring or hypoglycemia this year (knock wood!) but the dry eye persists.

~ Deb Slade