Virus and Parasite

Jasper, our Golden Retriever, entered our lives several days before Thanksgiving three years ago. Our vet guessed that Jasper was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. He weighed 40 lbs and was very sick with parasites. There wasn’t a lot of information available about Jasper except that his owner gave him up to the dog warden. The Golden Retriever Rescue picked him up days before he was ready to be euphonized. His hair was so matted that he had to be shaved down to his skin. Jasper had every symptom of having been abused. He was afraid of everything including the dark. In all the years we have had Jasper he never sat down. He would stand for hours or lie down. Even riding in the car Jasper would just lie down on the seat and not stick his head out the window like most dogs enjoyed doing. I started Jasper on System Saver and within a three day period I began to notice a change. I took Japer for a ride in the car and he rode sitting up and looking out the window all the way to the post office and back. Then as the days ticked by and he continued to take System Saver I not only saw that he was sitting but he didn’t struggle when he got up from lying down. System Saver has been a life changing experience for Jasper. He is more comfortable and is enjoying his life with less pain. Thank you System Saver!!!!

Virgina Higgins